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There are a lot of huge issues that can arise as a result of water making its way into your roofing. A build-up of mould can actually spread into the structure and through the vents to affect everything from your furniture and carpets to clothing, and there are several allergic and respiratory health issues that may arise. The structural integrity of your home can be compromised down the track if the problem remains unaddressed, which can lead to very expensive work that needs to be done.

Getting professionals to take care of this potentially dangerous and costly issue as soon as it is discovered is very important. If you’re looking for the most reputable company to provide you with leaking roof repairs in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or various other surrounding areas, you’re in the best hands with Mick’s Home Improvements. With more than fifteen years in the business, we have experience spanning all types of roofing materials, including terracotta and ceramic tiles as well as corrugated steel. Our entire team carry qualifications and expertise to deal with all manners of situations such as hard-to-access areas plus much more.

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The last thing you want is to spend money and have work done, only to find out shortly thereafter that it needs to be re-done due to poor workmanship and/or inexperience. When you come to us here at Mick’s Home Improvements to have your leaking roof fixed, you are certain to be more than impressed with the end result. We are so confident in our abilities, in fact, that we provide each and every customer with a 10 year warranty.

On top of the excellent repairs, we can undertake to solve your leaking roof issues. We’re also proud to offer our top-notch roof painting and full restoration services. We take immense pride in what we do, and that’s reflected by all of the great feedback we receive.

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Whether you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or in areas surrounding, for a free quote, or to further discuss what we can do for you, simply phone us on 0401 821 204.

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